SEHC Training & Testing

We strongly encourage participation in chapter training days.

ALWAYS bring your Rules and Regulations Manual! And READ it first!

Contact the Test Coordinator of each test for information and to submit entries. For Information on how to submit your entry visit

If you have any questions concerning a training day please contact the host. Hosts typically send or post information concerning hotels, food, etc. before the training event. Watch this site for updates.

Each handlers is responsible for bringing his/her own drag game (rabbits, ducks, fox, etc.) to test and training event. AND, for taking it back home with them.


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Books and other materials may be ordered from the VDD-GNA website.
Other items may be ordered from Altmoor.




Testing of the dogs’ inherited natural ability begins with the Natural Ability Test (VJP) when the dog is approximately one year old and essentially untrained (i.e. the dog has not been trained to retrieve to hand, although it should have been exposed to furred and feathered game and demonstrated to the handler its ability to track furred game and search for and point feathered game). This “Puppy” Test is designed to evaluate the young Drahthaar’s inherited abilities in five different categories (pointing, nose, tracking, search, and cooperation).

Advanced Natural Ability Tests (HZP) are conducted each fall for the Drahthaar whelped prior to October 1st of the previous year. This Fall Breed Test, for the 65-75% trained dog, again allows evaluation of the five qualities listed above, and adds several demanding retrieving tasks. Desire, obedience, and trainability are also important aspects of this evaluation.

VGP (Utility) test
We encourage everyone to consider the VGP (Utility) test. It is the ultimate field test for the 100% trained Drahthaar. This test allows evaluation in 26 categories, and 18 different hunting situations. This test is a comprehensive evaluation of the dog’s performance. Obedience is emphasized in the Utility test, however, natural ability also is evaluated. It is a two day test. This is the master of all test! It requires a huge amount of training but it will be worth every minute to have a 100% truly versatility trained hunting dog!

If you are considering testing this fall, contact Mike Fortner (423-483-4496, or Richard Shell (205-215-1020,